360 Apps

Applications I have worked on during my time at Rewind:

  • Jaguar Formula E – Developed a GearVR application to show a run through of the full VR experience. I also developed the companion app which hosts used to run that experience. Before entering the experience users would need to register and choose some customisation options. The host would then use the companion app to retrieve this data from an online API and send it over the local network to the game server. The host can see which seat each user is assigned to and show them where to go accordingly. From the application they will then start the game once all users are ready and can restart if necessary at any time. Once the experience is complete the scores will be retrieved from the game server and posted back to the API.
  • Amba Hotels – The first project I worked on. Joined near completion of the app and finished off development. Published the app to the App Store and Google Play Store for use with or without Google Cardboard and transferred app ownership to the client.
  • Rolls Royce – Developed a GearVR application with custom 3D audio using the TBE Audio Engine.
  • TyreSafe – Developed the application to meet the client’s design. Published the app to the App Store for use with or without Google Cardboard.