Deep Space Mine: Mineral Wars

Deep Space Mine: Mineral Wars is a spin-off of Deep Space Mine. It acts as a ‘companion game’ whereby players can get an understanding of small mechanics that are a part of the main game.

In DSM: Mineral Wars players choose to either work together or against each other to earn as many credits as possible within a short time limit. Credits are earned by collecting minerals, the price of which vary over time depending on how much the players collect of each one. Players can also dash into each other to bump their opponent away from them.

Mineral Wars Menu Mineral Wars Ship Selection Mineral Wars Gameplay

As you can see the environment is curved to give a planetary feel. This is done using a custom shader to give the appearance of the planet being curved by repositioning where objects are rendered based on the distance from the camera’s focus point (i.e. the middle of the screen).

A free to download link will be available soon. Feel free to contact me or leave a comment below with any requests about this game.