Deep Space Mine

Deep Space Mine has been
Greenlit by the Community

Deep Space Mine is a simultaneous turn based strategy game. Think a cross between the board game Settlers of Catan and the RTS game Offworld Trading Company.

At the start of the game a random system of planets is generated and the players will compete over ownership of them to earn points. This is done by farming the planets for their minerals, and you will then use those minerals to buy new drills and farm more planets. You will tactically decide which planets to go for based on who currently owns the planets, but also on the price of the minerals available from that particular planet. The prices of minerals fluctuate like a stock market depending on what the two players buy and sell.

Deep Space Mine
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The videos below are recorded from two players playing online in a match of Deep Space Mine against each other. Please note: The time limits have been shortened for demonstrative purposes and the videos have been compressed from 5GB to 50MB for easy uploading.