Museum Thief

While at Unit9 I came up with and created a prototype for a unique gameplay experience.

This game is the first of its kind as it is a multiplayer only Virtual Reality vs Tablet game. The VR player is a thief in a museum; Their objective is to blend in with the crowd and steal specified pieces of art from their surroundings. Wearing a specialised headset the thief can detect laser trip wires in the environment, but their battery is limited so must use it sparingly. The thief must steal all the targeted art to win the game.
The tablet player is a CCTV security guard. The tablet displays a split view with the left half being live CCTV footage from a camera in the museum that the VR player is in, and the right half is an interactive floor plan of the museum. The security guard must detect the player from a crowd of AI to win the game. This game is designed for the Samsung Gear VR along with any tablet for a completely wireless experience.

Gameplay Demonstration (Tablet gameplay)

As part of the experience I added replays in a similar style to the recent game Evolve where players can watch a top down re-run of the game they just played. If both players are in the same room then the VR player can take their headset off and watch the replay on the tablet with the tablet player.

Evolve Style Replay